Wine is more
than we taste

Wine tasting Merano South Tyrol

The vineyard – at the heart of wine-making

We are producing wine with the idea of terroir in mind. For each parcel of land we think carefully about which grape varietal would do best.

Experiencing wine

For us drinking wine means to enjoy and to experience what is in the glass with all senses. Each sip speaks of the vineyard, the work that went into it, the waiting until the wine has matured and reached perfection, and, last but not least, the love and passion that went into it.

Wine isn’t just wine … wine is much more … for us wine is passion and dedication

To produce wine all you need is a vineyard, grapevines, grapes and a cellar. However, for the wine to have a soul it needs a wine-maker’s passion and the help of everyone else who is making a contribution! You are welcome to taste, enjoy and purchase our wines in our tasting room. We will gladly organise tastings and guided tours upon appointment.

Visits upon appointment.

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