Wine is more
than we see

Winery in Tscherms near Meran

Our “Weinhöfl” - how everything got started

First mentioned in records in 1469 as the farmstead of Niclas Mausloch, the farm used to be modest in size, so its respective owners used to to earn part of their living elsewhere. Mauslocherhof changed hands many times. In 1854 Bartmä Egger, ancestor of today’s owner Gerda Kiem, took over. “Weinhöfl” has therefore been in the same family for several generations.

Owned by the family

When Gerda Kiem took over in 2006 Mauslocherhof’s vineyards covered only a few hundred square metres. She increased the area under cultivation to two hectares over the years.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located on south-eastern slopes and close to Merano, at an altitude of 310 to 500 metres above sea level. Most slopes are steep with an incline of 40 to 75 per cent. Only small parcels of land have an incline of up to 15 per cent.
The vineyards sit atop mineral-rich moraine slopes of former glaciers and on debris and alluvial cone soil beneath the Marling massif. The sandy soil is light, loamy, porous and criss-crossed by fine-grained mica schist, red-brown garnet rock and different types of paragneiss (quartz, feldspar and many more). It is the former glacier that gave us this diversity of soils. The climate is mild and mediterranean.

Our cellar

The farm buildings were newly built in 2017, with an emphasis on working in harmony with nature. Our cellars are mostly built into the slop and made of locally-sourced construction material. With the aim of simplicity and clarity in mind we only used a small range of different building materials. This reflects our philosophy and our way of life.

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