Wine is more
than we feel

Tscherms vineyard near Merano

Working in the vineyard

We believe in working each parcel of land individually, carefully taking into consideration the grape varietal, the soil, the aspect and the gradient incline. We always aim for harvesting first-class, perfectly ripe grapes. In the vineyard, no vintage can ever be the same and every year proves to be a challenge in its own way. The way we work is closely oriented towards the grapevine’s natural growth cycle and that in turn depends on the weather and the unfolding of the seasons. We do not use herbicides. The harvest is done by hand and we only use small containers.

Our commitment

We are working with great care to achieve high quality both in the vineyard and in the cellar. This would be impossible without our great team of family members and staff. They all share our commitment and way of thinking.

Craftsmanship and quality

We are processing our grapes carefully because we want to preserve their natural quality. Each year, each wine is a little different, simply because each year is different. Sometimes a wine is maturing more quickly, sometimes it needs a little more time to reach its peak.

We believe in giving each wine the time it needs to mature and reach perfection.

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