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The fruity notes of cherry and blackberry of the Lagrein grape variety are intensely brought out by the naturally produced carbonic acid of the sparkling wine. The red sparkling wine, produced according to the "mèthode acestrale", undergoes a total of only one fermentation. The half-fermented must is bottled and remains there until the end of fermentation. This is followed by a long period of storage and maturation in the bottle. Afterwards, this special sparkling wine is disgorged as in the "metodo classico". This special combination of fruitiness, light tannins and carbonic acid offers a great and uncomplicated food companion, but can also be enjoyed very well without food.


Location: Tscherms

Altitude: 390 m

Hillside vineyard: south - southeast

Soil: moraine soils

Grape variety: Lagrein

Type of wine: red sparkling wine

Maturing: 1 year

Volume percent: 13% Vol

Total acidity: 5 g/l

Serving temperature: 12 - 14 °C

Serving suggestion: roastet, grilled dishes; pasta – risotto; wok dishes; Speck, semi-hard – hard cheese

Optics: bright cherry red to purple, violet reflexes

Odour: intense fruity notes: cherry, blackberry, cocao; a litte spicy notes

Body: full-bodied, well-structured, light perlage, little tannins, soft and integrated; wine with a harmonious finish

Vinification: harvested by hand, small bins, maceration at controlled temperature, final fermentation directly in the bottle (mèthode acestrale), ageing in the bottle followed by disgorgement

Cultivation: no use of herbicides; sustainable and in harmony with nature

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