The nonconformist
whose passion brings out
the best in nature.

Traditional South Tyrolean wines - Meranerland

Tradition & modernity

We combine tradition & modernity, both complement each other and produce great things. We cultivate traditional South Tyrolean grape varieties and work with modern cellar technology so that the grapes are processed gently and carefully.

The history of Mauslocherhof

Wine region Tscherms:
Location, terrain and soil

The majority of the vineyards are steep slopes and are located on mineral-rich moraine slopes of former glaciers, as well as on rubble and alluvial cones below the Marlinger Berg complex. Soils are a light, well-drained mix of sand and loam, streaked with fine-grained mica slate, reddish-brown garnet rock and paragneiss.

Tasting & Sale

The vineyard as the base of a significant wine

Our main focus is the cultivation of terroir-driven wines. Many factors influence the work in the vineyard: the form of training system, the natural grass growth in viticulture, the biodiversity of the vegetation, the pruning, the time of harvesting, to name just a few.

Our Wine

Working in the vineyard

Our size allows us to coordinate the work in each vineyard in a differentiated way. The aim is always to bring a fine high-quality grape material with optimal ripening time into the wine cellar. We are happily going along with nature and its rhythms. No herbicides are being used and the harvest is done by hand.


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